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Snowboard touring


Slack country or back country, touring is a great way to seek out the best powder on the mountain and with our selection of touring gear it’s easier than ever to get into it.




K2 Panoramic: The best value is split boards; this kit comes equipped with the Voile binding  kit and pre-cut/ sized skins, everything you need to get out and tour.


Jones Snowboards//

New for 2016 the Explorer offers all the features you need for a great snowboard touring experience at a price that won't break the bank. Available in sizes 159, 162.




Taking the legendary Burton Custom, one of the best selling snowboards of all time, and creating a split that you can count on to deliver the best ride, that is the Custom Split. With all the features, Squeeze Box, Infinite Ride, Pure Pop camber and even the Channel, the Custom split will get the job done and then some.

Available in 156cm, 160cm

Bindings/ binding interface//


The Hitchhicker binding from Burton was co developed using the Spark R&D Tesla binding interface, now with the outstanding quality and functionality of Burtons straps, buckles and highbacks, this is the ultimate accouterments to any splitboard.

Learn More Here!


Voile is the most widely used Splitboard binding interface on the market and since revolutionizing the industry in 1994 they have continued to produce an easy to use product that is strong, dependable and light. Check out Voile at Alpenland!

Universal Splitboard Kit

This kit allows any Voile compatible splitboard work with any snowboard binding. Easy to use and reliable it's the go to for most backcountry snowboarders.

Splitboard DIY Kit 

Turn any board into a split with the this kit. Includes all hardware and parts needed.  

Get true freeride performance with the Karakoram Prime 1 touring binding $849.99         


Innovative design and quality built by truly passionate snowboarders, the Prime 1 offers backcountry boarders a real binding solid easy to use tour capability. System comes with everything you need (except the board and skins) to get you out on the mountain. 

Learn more here!

Touring essentials

Education, equipment, experience, the essentials for safe back country use!  


The best piece of equipment you'll ever take into the back country is your brain, having the right set of skills could save your life and the lives of the people you are with, that's why we want you to get the knowledge before you venture out.

Here are a few resources for getting the right education on avalanche safety.





Proper safety equipment is essential when it comes to the back country, even if you don't think it could happen you need to be prepared if it does. Shovels, probes, first aid and most important beacons, all these things are vital.   

Get the right equipment from...




Having the education and the equipment is only one part, you need to know how to use the gear and apply the skills.

Take the time to know your equipment, learn everything you can about it so you have the right experience if the time comes when you need it.

Get out on some beginner tours before you take on the more advanced stuff, resort based adventures can get you the experience you need in a safer more controlled environment before taking it to the next level.

And finally hook up with other more experienced back country enthusiasts that can show you the ropes and give you good advice and pass on their knowledge.