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Essentials for You

{ Make the ride what you want! }

Going beyond just selling you a bike our goal is to give you the experience you want out of that bike, that's why it's important to have all the right gear for the job. Helmets are a no brainier, but it's easy to over look things like gloves, jersey's, ridding specific shorts, or even shoes; all things that are essential to the ridding experience. 

Come in and see our selection of bike essentials for you and get the advice on whats right from our knowledgeable staff.


Focused on safety, innovation, comfort and style, our selection of helmets has something for every rider; road, mountain, dirt and Junior, we've got the right fit.



With ride specific design and engineering Specialized helmets deliver unparalleled fit and comfort.  




Though relatively new to the helmet world Smith has quickly become known for their innovation and design which is evident in the Forefront all mountain helmet and the all new. 


Take your ride to the next level!

Keeping your feet in the optimal position on the pedals is essential to getting the most out of the ride. Take the work out of it with the right cycling shoe and pedal, no more searching for the perfect spot or smacking your shin when your foot slips off. With ride specific designs and features our selection of Specialized cycling shoes has something for every rider.


With a focus on functionality for all types of cycling, Specialized's selection of shoe has the right fit for every rider


Not all models and sizes available in store.   

 Bike Apparel//

Jerseys, shorts and gloves are more essential to rider comfort than one might think, having ride specific materials, fits and design features can make the difference between a good ride and a great ride and with features like UV skin protecting fabrics, it's also about keeping riders safe and healthy.

Check out our selection of rider gear and see how we can make your rides even better.


Road// MTB// Gloves//

Not all models and sizes available in store.     


Mens Apparel// Womens Apparel//

Not all models and sizes available in store.   



Keeping you safe on all the trails check out our selection of the best in cycle protection, from knee and elbow pads to full face helmets and neck supports, we've got you covered!


Full Face Helmets//

Since 1954 Bell Sports has been building helmets for all kinds of sports, their rider driven purpose built, design philosophy has made them one of the largest helmet producers in the world, and with a focus on quality and safety you can be sure Bell helmets will meet your full face needs.


Body Armour//

Ultimate riding gear is what's behind everything iXS produces, building athlete driven designs that deliver ultimate performance on two wheels all in effort to help riders push it faster and further. With unmatched quality and a superior warranty iXS is a company you should check out!


Neck Support//

With an increase in both riders on the mountain and the extreme ridding they do never before has it been so important to keep those riders safe from injury, that's why were excited to bring in a new line of neck supports from EVS Sports, there passion for motorcycle safety has translated to the MTB world with the light weight R4 Race collar. We're excited about this new product at Alpenland and hope you will be too!

Avalible in both adult and Jr sizes.

 EVS R4 Pro Race   Also available R4 Race



Stay Cycle Ready!

Keep up your fitness with indoor trainers from Alpenland!

We all know how hard it is to get into shape and how easy it is to get out, so maintain your hard earned fitness with cycle trainers and all the accessories to go with them. Our staff have the knowledge and hands on experience you need to make the right choice, and our in stock selection from CycleOps has something for every level of rider and with access to all the major brands including Kinetic, Tacx, Minoura and more, we can get you the trainer you need to stay fit all season long.

Stop in and see our indoor cycle trainers and accessories.


Backed by a lifetime warranty and a history of building the best indoor trainers Cycleops is sure to have the right trainer and training accessory for every rider.

"At CycleOps, we realize at the heart of every cyclist is a better cyclist. Not better as defined by speed necessarily, rather by progress, improvement, the setting of goals and reaching them, and by having fun along the way. We are all striving to become better athletes and happier cyclists, and our goal is to help you."

                                                                                                                    - from cycleops.com


Shift your thinking.

With five levels of resistance and a convenient bar mounted resistance adjuster the Cycleops Mag+ offers a great indoor trainer for riders that just want something so they can stay fit all year round, because ridding inside is better than no ridding at all.




Fluid 2// 

For riders that want more the Fluid 2 is the go to trainer. Offering advanced design features that allow for a real road feel and ultra quiet function plus with the Fluid 2 system you simply shift gears to increase resistance, just like on a real ride.   




We stock everything you need to make the most out of your indoor training experience.

  • Tires: Available in all sizes, these training specific tires are made to be durable and quiet.
  • Climbing blocks: Take it to the next level and increase the resistance by elevating the front wheel.
  • Bike Thong: Bike what?! To protect your frame from the corrosive nature of sweat a bike thong is a must, plus it has a handy holder for remotes or cell phones.


Check out all the great products Cycleops has to offer, and if you see anything you want or would like more information on come in and speak to our knowledgeable staff.