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Ski Touring

No lifts, no problem! Touring has become one of the fastest growing facets of the ski world and with it’s limitless potential it’s no wonder so many skiers are getting into it.

Back country or slack country? There is a big difference, one is more about the challenge while the other is more about finding that untouched pow or hidden booter, and for some it’s both. Our selection of touring gear is focused more on our local skiers, the powder seekers, we carry brands and equipment that can best benefit them in all aspects of their skiing, back country or at the resorts.




With built in features and constructions that make them more back/slack country accessible, our selection of skis can provide the right ski for what you need, because any ski can be a touring ski it’s really more about what you want out of the touring experience.

Our more tour specific ski selection offers lighter weight constructions and tour specific shapes.


Like with the skis, the experience is what determines the equipment, with some of the most advanced designs from leaders in the industry, this selection of touring bindings is more about the function as a alpine binding than simply having a walk mode. 

Marker Duke // Barron // Tour F12 // Tour F10                                               Salomon Guardian 16 // Guardian 13



Take it to the next level!

Alpine technical bindings offer superior tour efficient with a secure down hill hold, if you want the lightest set up you need technical. Our selection of tech bindings offers the most advanced deigns and innovations in the technical binding world.

Marker Kingpin                                                                                              G3 ION // Onyx 



Touring puts a high demand on your body and choosing equipment that can relieve stress where you need it can mean the difference between a great day of skiing and a nightmare hike up the mountain. That's why we carefully selected touring capable boots that offer the best in ski performance and have features to help make the hike easier on you.

Technica Cochise series 

Salomon Quest series

Rossignol All Track series

K2 Pinnacle series

Touring essentials

Education, equipment, experience, the essentials for safe back country use!  


The best piece of equipment you'll ever take into the back country is your brain, having the right set of skills could save your life and the lives of the people you are with, that's why we want you to get the knowledge before you venture out.

Here are a few resources for getting the right education on avalanche safety.





Proper safety equipment is essential when it comes to the back country, even if you don't think it could happen you need to be prepared if it does. Shovels, probes, first aid and most important beacons, all these things are vital.   

Get the right equipment from...




Having the education and the equipment is only one part, you need to know how to use the gear and apply the skills.

Take the time to know your equipment, learn everything you can about it so you have the right experience if the time comes when you need it.

Get out on some beginner tours before you take on the more advanced stuff, resort based adventures can get you the experience you need in a safer more controlled environment before taking it to the next level.

And finally hook up with other more experienced back country enthusiasts that can show you the ropes and give you good advice and pass on their knowledge.