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Cross Country Skiing


Crosscountry skiing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors all winter long and at Alpenland we carry a great selection of XC gear that will help you do just that.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide the right gear for the kind of xc skiing you’re doing this winter, groomed trails to back country exploring, we have the right skis, boots, and poles, plus a selection of outerwear and accessories to keep you going on the trail.

XC Skis// 

Whatever your motivation this winter, staying fit or exploring the trails, we’ve got the ski to suit your needs, and with help from our XC experts we can get you the right ski for what you want to do.

Our selection of skis include, wax and waxless, recreational, and backcountry, in a variety of sizes to suit all levels and styles of skier.

[ Recreational or backcountry and why. ]

Backcountry skiers are breaking their own trails, typically carrying more weight and often encountering a variety of elevations, for these reasons BC skis will be wider, for flotation, stiffer, for support and have metal edges for control.

Recreational skis are designed to be easy to use; slimmer profiles, lightweight constructions and a more forgiving flex allow these skiers, who are usually skiing groomed trails or shallower snow and carrying considerably less weight to enjoy xc skiing with less effort.   

[ Wax or waxless and what that means. ]

When we are talking about wax or waxless skis we are only referring to the kick zone of the ski, all skis regardless of style need to have the glide zones properly waxed for the conditions being skied.

Waxrequire the kick zone of the ski to be properly prepared for the ski conditions of the day using kick wax that is temperature dependent. For the more experienced xc skiers it means better performance for a variety of ski conditions, but for the less experienced or recreational xc skier it can be quite intimidating.

Waxless skis which feature directional scales or “crown” in the kick zone of the ski do not require any preparation of the kick zone which has made it much easier to get out and enjoy xc skiing for more recreational oriented skiers.

Both backcountry and recreational skis are available in wax or waxless.

XC Boots/ Bindings//

Backcountry boots and bindings are engineered to suit the demands of backcountry skiers, makes sense. But what makes a BC boot and binding different? BC boots and bindings are stiffer and wider to support the added weight typically carried by BC skiers, as well this helps control the ski in the variable conditions BC skiers encounter.

Recreational boots and bindings are designed with easy of use and comfort in mind. The focus in the boots is to be warm and easy to get on and off, the bindings need to be lightweight and function smoothly.

We carry Fischer NNN standard boots and bindings and Salomon SNS standard boots and bindings.

XC accessories//  

We strive to keep a selection of all the accessories you need to enjoy XC skiing with the whole family. Poles, gaiters, waxes, cleaners and more, as well as jackets, pants and gloves. So make sure you’re comfortable and prepared this season and stop in for all your cross country skiing needs before you head out.